Your Business Structure to 10k in 16 weeks...

I'm going to be honest with you. This is not a promise to make money for you in the next 16 weeks. This is a promise for us together to make a breakthrough so that you can then use this information to deliver the results that you want.

The first 10,000 minutes of your business, the one that will define all the rest, are critical. It's just as pivotal as the first thousand hours of a newborn baby's life—except there's no "training wheels." And if we go back and look at traditional school, those first few years were about basic literacy and math skills. With your business, it's early days when it comes to the basics of entrepreneurship.

You need to be on the edge of tomorrow's breakthroughs because being one step ahead of everyone else will place you miles ahead and create infinite potential for growth in a marketplace where differentiation reigns supreme.

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Tribe is for the Faith-based Entrepreneur who is looking for a working knowledge of how to market yourself, how to close high ticket offers, how to structure your business but above all else, how to be a giver who gives to give.

Tribe also has a mastermind-like component which is crafted to help you become a giver.


Tribe is not for the start-up "side hustle" entrepreneur. DON'T WORRY, There is a place for you, but it's not with the Tribe Group.

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